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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's an ALCF? An Airlift Control Flight (ALCF) is a highly experienced cadre of airlift professionals capable of supporting worldwide airlift operations at austere runway locations. We represent Air Mobility Command (AMC) as a mobile command and control unit, serve as on-site managers of airfield operations, conduct world-wide airfield surveys, liaison with airlift users/customers, and train affiliated units to deploy by air.

2. How do I get airlift for our unit's upcoming deployment?
As an Air National Guard Air Wing with one squadrons of C-130s, we are able to provide organic airlift to many nearby military units. The ALCF cannot arrange this directly, but you can contact us for assistance on the correct procedures. Usually we will pre-coordinate that our wing can support the request and get you a space available airlift request. When your validator (headquarters level) blesses it, they send it to ANGRC for their approval and a space available airlift number. Units can also pay for the airlift themselves by making a SAAM request, and units requiring personnel and equipment airdrop or air refueling can request JA/ATT funding.

3. How do we become an affiliate?
Units must send initial written requests for affiliation alignment through their headquarters to HQ AMC/DOOM. HQ AMC/DOOM will determine the validity and feasibility of the request based on the justification submitted and identify an ALCF for the requesting unit. As a Air National Guard ALCF, this recommendation gets routed through ANGRC  which then notifies the assigned ALCF and affiliated unit, although a good working history and rapport count for a lot if you have a specific ALCF in mind (AFI 10-221, 4.4).

4. How do I get signed up for Affiliation Training (Equipment Preparation and/or Load Planners Course)?
Consult our Affiliation Training Schedule for the best dates and contact our staff.

5. How long is the class?
Classroom instruction takes eight days total, with two days devoted to Equipment Preparation and the next six in Load Planning. The majority of students just complete the two day course so they can prepare and load cargo, with the key embark/mobility personnel going the extra six days allowing them to plan entire deployments.

6. How long is the certification good for?
After graduating from the Equipment Preparation or Load Planners course, you are certified to prepare equipment or plan aircraft loadplans for two years. The time required to recertify is based on knowledge level.

7.  How many ALCFs are there, and how big are they?
There are presently 18 Airlift Control Flights, 12 in the Air Force Reserves and 6 in the Air National Guard. Each unit has around 15 people. Active Duty has two Air Mobility Control Squadrons (AMCS), with around 250 people each, and some cats and dogs overseas. Additional Reserve and Guard ALCFs are scheduled to stand up in FY 1999.

8. Who do I contact for more information?
The 146th Airlift Control Flight is located at Channel Islands ANGB, California, and is manned weekdays and most weekends with an experienced cadre of airlift professionals who are able to get you the information you need.

If you have a question, contact our staff at the numbers below.

PHONE: 805-986-7601  DSN 893-7601
FAX: 805-986-7969  DSN 986-7969