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Fleet Week Photos

  SD1.JPG (44182 bytes)  We arrive at Navy North Island to pickup the  Navy's Leap Frog's Parachute Team for fleet week in New York

    SD4.JPG (41891 bytes)  View of San Diego harbor and the Star of India from our hotel rooms

  BAGS.JPG (53669 bytes)  The Seals load their gear aboard the C130 for the flight to New York

  CARD.JPG (47687 bytes)  A friendly card game  breaks up the boredom on the long flight

  CITY5.JPG (54249 bytes)  We arrive over New York with Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, it's a big city

  BRIEF5.JPG (80887 bytes)  The jumpmaster briefs the crew on their  jump requirements

  INT8.JPG (74821 bytes)  Our target the Intrepid, a US Navy aircraft carrier that is now a museum

  CITY3.JPG (84516 bytes)  We fly by Roosevelt Island on the right and the Queensboro Bridge

  CITY1.JPG (68527 bytes)  A couple of circles over the city to get altitude for the drop

  BRIEF1.JPG (81050 bytes)  The jumpmaster briefs the jumpers prior to the jump

  RJUMP2.JPG (49311 bytes)   The jumpmaster looks for the Intrepid before the green light

  JUMP5.JPG (55597 bytes) The first jumper hangs his leg out the back and trails smoke for the first jump

  RJUMP1.JPG (60784 bytes)  The other jumpers get set before jumping

  JUMP1.JPG (77440 bytes)  Jumpers away

  EMPSTB3.JPG (108850 bytes)   We fly by the Empire State building while get set up for the next drop

  SATLIB4.JPG (38909 bytes) The Statute of Liberty is behind us as we turn towards the final run into the Intrepid

  JUMP3.JPG (39755 bytes)   There they go again

  JUMP6.JPG (51841 bytes) I personally would not jump out of perfectly good airplane                                                              

  JUMP7.JPG (102396 bytes)    These guys love it                                                                                         

  JUMP4.JPG (81853 bytes)   That it for us

  CENP1.JPG (77515 bytes)  We fly over Central Park as we head for home