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Hazardous Materials Course

The Hazardous Materials Course is a required course for personnel to certify the Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods (SDDG). This  form is required to accompany all hazardous material that is airlifted. It is recommended that each unit have a certified Haz Mat person available on every deployment. The following information is for the Air Force Course. The Army and Navy also conduct this type of formal training.  The 146th Airlift Control Flight is also a resource, units can depend on for accurate information on proper procedures for preparing hazardous materials for air shipment. Hazardous materials can be a real showstopper if not identified and packaged correctly.

 Haz Mat Course

Hazardous Materials Preparer Course (L3AZR2T000-005, Resident)

The Hazardous Materials Preparer Course is a two-week advanced course. The resident course is conducted at building 10900, at Lackland AFB, TX and the mobile course (L4AZT2T000-005) is conducted at various locations around the world. The course content of the resident and mobile course is the same.

The mailing address is,

345 Training Squadron/TTTH
1015 Femoyer Street
Lackland AFB, Texas 78236-5404

To request a slot in our class: If you are Air Force (Active duty or DAF civilian), contact your MAJCOM training people for training line numbers. If you are from other branches of the service, here are the points of contact:

ARMY: PERSCOM-SSG Ross, DSN 221-4653
NAVY: Mr. Ralph Tice, DSN 922-3684
AIR GUARD: CMS Marrow, DSN 858-8511

There are certain things prospective students and their units should know before attending the resident course at Lackland Air Force Base:

  1. The resident course is a formal course. Students must comply with requirements of AFCAT 36-2223, USAF Formal Schools, pertaining to prerequisites and required uniforms. Class begins at 0730 each day and ends at 1630 hrs.
  2. Billeting is available and is located about 3/4 miles from building 10900 (classroom training facility). Billeting is located in building 10203 (DSN 473-2556 or Commercial 210-671-2556). There is a shuttle bus that runs periodically around base and students are welcome to use it. It's not always on time, but it is free.
  3. Excluding the BMTs and ROTC, there are at least six dining facilities on Lackland AFB. Two are located within walking distance of the billeting and classroom buildings. Students receiving per diem must pay the surcharge required. Off base there are various fast food and sit-down places to choose from.
  4. Although the base does provide a shuttle it is sometimes advantageous to rent a car or bring a POV. This will ensure that all class times are observed and will cut commuting times around the base.

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