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Fort Drum Pictures

sign_3.jpg (94856 bytes)  The TALCE arrives at Fort Drum to support Air Evac Operations at Belvedere Landing Zone

 FIELD_2.JPG (106098 bytes)  Chuck and Lee check out the area for placement of the HF Radio antenna

  GUYS3.JPG (70776 bytes)   The crew gets ready to put up the tents

  TENT_2.JPG (99934 bytes)  The tents and camouflage goes up fast

CHUCK_2.JPG (86971 bytes)  Chuck establishes communication with higher headquarters

  TENT_3.JPG (95086 bytes)  Our command center overlooks the Air Evac Ramp and the Landing Zone

  RAMP_1.JPG (58043 bytes)  The ramp and Landing Zone gets rolled and packed before operations begin

BILLSCOT.JPG (101869 bytes)  Scott tries to look important to the army guy looking over his shoulder

TENT_5.JPG (82751 bytes)  The Air Evac personnel standby for the first chopper

HELO_1.JPG (48118 bytes)  Here comes Med Evac 01 with our first patients

HELO_2.JPG (81005 bytes)  Now you know where the term dustoff originated

HELO_3.JPG (94949 bytes)  On the ground

HELO_4.JPG (81637 bytes)  The patients are brought to the MASF tent for stabilization and wait for Air Evac on the first C130

MUD.JPG (84865 bytes)  Lee watches Esther scrapes the mud from her boots after rains turn our area in to a swamp

TENT_4.JPG (59525 bytes)  We start to pack up after ten days in the field

THEBOYS2.JPG (63782 bytes)  A day off and a tour of the Thousand Islands in the St Lawrence River

BOAT_1.JPG (73371 bytes)  Hey! this is fun

HOUSE_1.JPG (119773 bytes)  There are some really nice homes on these islands

HOUSE_2.JPG (106457 bytes)  All of them have boat docks because that's the only way to get there

HOUSE_5.JPG (81771 bytes)  They come in all sizes and shapes

CASTLE_1.JPG (109605 bytes)  Even a castle, this is Boldt Castle on Heart Island built by the owner of the Waldorph Astoria Hotel

BOATHOUS.JPG (68406 bytes)  This was the owners boat house just across from Heart Island

JONSCOT.JPG (69197 bytes)  John and Scott take in the sights

PHIL_2.JPG (63027 bytes)  Phil and his geckoes manages to stay dry

THEBOYS1.JPG (66556 bytes)  We finish off the tour on the big boat

PHIL_1.JPG (107623 bytes) Its not over till you have a picnic

CHUCKJON.JPG (97099 bytes)  Chuck and John check out the local brew

BARBQUE1.JPG (98513 bytes)  Steaks are on

BUFFALO.JPG (62235 bytes)  How many buffalo were supposed to be here

BARBQUE2.JPG (101550 bytes)  John and Jim turn the steaks

TRINI_1.JPG (63581 bytes)  Trini having the time of his life

TEXTAL_2.JPG (112668 bytes)  Laura and Ken from the Texas TALCE join us for the fun

TEXTAL_1.JPG (96993 bytes)  Glen the commander of the Texas TALCE with Brian from the 142nd Air Evac Sqd out of Delaware

ESTERAY.JPG (96446 bytes)  Esther and Ray chow down

BILL_1.JPG (111559 bytes) Bill says the party's over, were out of beer     


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