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Haz Mat Top 10 Problem List

Since we have been in the business for a number of years, we have noted that the basic problems regarding hazardous materials seem to remain the same. We have compiled the following Top 10 list in the approximate order of importance.

1.  Shipper's Declarations: Filled out completely/signed/dated, affixed to vehicle or pallet, and extra copies included with load     manifests (ref AFJMAN 24-204).

2.  Access to Haz Mat: Place materials for visual inspection, accessibility, and secured/locked items require keys.

3.  Vehicle Fuel Capacity: Self propelled vehicles (gas or diesel) have 3/4 tank maximum, equipment mounted on single axle trailer is to be drained (not purged), palletized equipment drained (not purged), and only the M149A2 can airlift water (3/4 tank max)-all other tankers will be drained.

4.  Lithium Batteries: For bulk shipments please have accompanying CLASS D fire extinguisher available.

5.  Leaking Cargo: Any units/equipment susceptible to spills or leakage will be closely inspected/drained for airlift (ship only clean/dry cargo).

6.  Small Arms Ammo: Any "live" ammo will be turned over to the aircraft loadmaster, weapons will be cleared prior to anti-hijacking inspection, bulk shipments will be appropriately boxed/banded.

7.  MRE Heater Packs: Heater packs shipped separately from meals (bulk package) require a Haz Mat declaration, heat packs not to be used inside the aircraft.

8.  Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen Carts: Serviced carts require vent kits and cleaning materials (supplied by user).

9.  Acetylene Tanks: Ship acetylene in DOT 8 or 8AL cylinders only, ensure pressure relief valves are protected.

10. Penzon: How you package and ship certain types of Haz Mat "penzon" many different variables (ha-ha). Do not be afraid to consult the pros at 1-800-851-8061 (Haz Mat handlers) and/or the ALCF.


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