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Los Alamitos Relief Supplies Pictures
STUFF7.JPG (107539 bytes)  From five collection points donated items were collected and consolidated at Los Alamitos AFRC 

STUFF6.JPG (108898 bytes)   Every individual item had to be manifested IAW the Denton Amenmendment for space A shipping   

STUFF5.JPG (99974 bytes)   On each medical item, the name, batch #, quantity, strength, and expiration date had to be recorded   

STUFF4.JPG (73536 bytes)   Then they were packaged and consolidated by area of delivery to be placed on aircraft pallets   

ESTERLEE.JPG (65866 bytes)   Esther and Chuck set up the air to ground radios and the rest of our communications equipment  

RAYW1.JPG (62569 bytes) Ray and the Sgt Major put together a plan for palletizing all of the supplies  

PHILB1.JPG (52769 bytes)   Phil, our information manager is always on the phone or the computer keeping us up to date   

WJM1.JPG (61481 bytes)  Bill,the mission support team chief checks all the load plans   

STUFF1.JPG (75867 bytes)    Supplies are group together by destination before being palletized

STUFF2.JPG (75780 bytes)   After the items are stacked on the pallet they get a plastic bag to protect them from the elements   

STUFF3.JPG (70432 bytes)   Not all the items get shipped, for one reason or another they don't meet our strict shipping requirements  

 PALLET6.JPG (100484 bytes)   As the pallets get built up they all get bagged before the nets are installed                    

 PALLET1.JPG (78082 bytes)   Ray gives the soliders some tips on netting the cargo

PALLET2.JPG (77229 bytes)   Each pallet gets marked with its weight, dimensions,destination, and the all important TCN   

ESTHER1.JPG (52809 bytes) Esther, one of our airfield managers keeps tract and records all of our aircraft flow and load data   

PALLET3.JPG (78359 bytes)    A finial adjustment on the strap and its good to go 

PALLET5.JPG (73775 bytes)   All the pallets get weighed and placed in chalks by destination  

ESTHER2.JPG (55375 bytes)   We had plenty of coffee to keep us going  

PALLET4.JPG (86779 bytes)   A total of 55 pallets were built up weighing over 250,000 pounds   

LEE1.JPG (79092 bytes)  Chuck, our comm guy also doubled on the forklift for us  

PHILB2.JPG (59538 bytes)   Phil discusses the days activities with Bill from Aerial Port

WJM3.JPG (74711 bytes) Bill and Phil complete all the documentation required for the aircraft   

WJM2.JPG (55315 bytes)  Tired but happy that its all done and complete, time to go home for Thanksgiving  


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