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Volk Field Pictures
JONTRINI.JPG (92447 bytes)  John and Trini helmet up before going to check out the snow 

GROUP1.JPG (61412 bytes)  Oscar tells the others how cold it is outside 

GROUP2.JPG (71401 bytes)  Bob works on the loadplans while Timmy looks on 

JONCLAY.JPG (55361 bytes)  John and Clay trying to make heads or tails of the regulation  

LEERAY.JPG (59857 bytes)  Chuck and Ray are in their zombie state after being outside for a while 

TIMOSCAR.JPG (62094 bytes)  There must be something significant about that spatula Timmy has 

TRINI.JPG (61932 bytes)  Trini off in la la land after being out in the cold servicing the generators

GMASK1.JPG (59804 bytes)  Condition red, gasmasks on

GMASK2.JPG (67408 bytes)   Filling out the paper work in full chemical gear is always fun

 GMASK3.JPG (72128 bytes)   Sittingby to standby, waiting for the all clear

GMASK4.JPG (61756 bytes)  Checking out those notes on what to do next 

GEN.JPG (58364 bytes)  Trini servicing the generators again

ANTTEN.JPG (46708 bytes) Chuck is out checking his antennas 

C130COLD.JPG (59195 bytes)  A cold an lonely warrior sits at standby 

C130COL1.JPG (44425 bytes)  When the weight of the vehicles equals the weight of the aircraft it can takeoff