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Dugway Pictures
DUGSIGN.JPG (95574 bytes)  Dugway, not a good place for humans or sheep, but a great place for  exercise "Global Apache"

ANTLOP2.JPG (52594 bytes) Not only are they on the streets, but you have to clear them off the runway too

ANTLOP1.JPG (61532 bytes)   This one hung around for a while then he disappeared

130RAMP1.JPG (66668 bytes)   Well back to work as a California C130 comes in to offload some cargo

BROKE.JPG (87248 bytes)   Oh Oh, Houston looks like we got a problem

BROKE3.JPG (95784 bytes)   No sweat, Scotty replaces a hydraulic fitting and its good to go

MARK3.JPG (74200 bytes) The MARC is our C2 center,  for all communication and a great hang out (it has air conditioning)

MARK2.JPG (58229 bytes) The inside looking out

MARK1.JPG (77135 bytes) The crew, at least the ones that showed up for the picture

HANGAR1.JPG (64544 bytes) The main hangar for the field, also closes heads

NOSEART1.JPG (70249 bytes)   Noseart on a Oklahoma C130 celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Wing and the USAF

BARBQ1.JPG (104547 bytes)   You have to have a Bar-B-Que., by the way has any one seen those antelope lately

BARBQ2.JPG (122303 bytes)   Ray and Scotty cook the ? while the other guys BS

BARBQ3.JPG (77124 bytes)   Blah, blah, blah, blah, the boys talk it over

BARBQ4.JPG (95643 bytes)   The commander (with shades) relaxes with the guys

LP_1.JPG (70565 bytes) We weigh, mark and inspect the vehicles for air shipment

OUTOFHER.JPG (58202 bytes)   Were out of here

                                                                        wpe10.jpg (3504 bytes)