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Iowa Pictures
ARRIVE.JPG (84250 bytes) Our affiliation instructors arrive at Des Moines and are met by Major Jennifer Walter  of the 132th FW

PIGFLY.JPG (54398 bytes)   Pigs can fly at least at the Iowa State Fair Grounds

PIGSPACE.JPG (75698 bytes)   If they can fly, why not go to outer-space

DAVES.JPG (100422 bytes)   Bill, Bob, and Randy find they are also pretty good to eat

BARBQ.JPG (85769 bytes)  Here is a good way to cook them on this Texas size Bar-B-Que

PIGRUBBR.JPG (115486 bytes)   This place offeres different types of sauces for cooking your pork

BOBSAUS.JPG (92476 bytes)   Hey, they named a sausage after me

BOBPIG.JPG (95191 bytes) Bob is really have fun at the fair

COWBOY.JPG (85878 bytes) Bob is really a cowboy at heart

SURFB.JPG (110464 bytes) Not a bad place to eat lunch at

WAITRESS.JPG (86709 bytes)   Our waitress said "You guys are out of here"

FAMEBAR.JPG (81647 bytes)   According to our hosts, this is a famous local watering hole

BEVANS_3.JPG (51801 bytes)   We really did teach a class here


                                                                                   wpeE.jpg (3504 bytes)