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C-130 Pictures

C130-1~1.JPG (1692 bytes) Two 146AW C130s over the Channel Islands

C130-2~1.JPG (2711 bytes) A real close up on those two above

C130-5~1.JPG (1759 bytes) Solo above the Channel Islands

C130-7~1.JPG (2940 bytes)  Anacapa Island appears below the C130s

C130-8~1.JPG (1826 bytes) Santa Cruz Island off to the left of the aircraft

C130-3~1.JPG (1692 bytes)   Parked off a taxi way at Channel Islands ANGB

C130-6~1.JPG (1809 bytes) Sitting at rest on the ramp with his siblings

C130-4~1.JPG (1496 bytes) Days end an another beautiful sunset at Channel Islands

JMODTA~1.JPG (1623 bytes)  The new with the old as a "J" model visits with us

JMODTA~2.JPG (1863 bytes)  This is a factory streched "J" model with the Lockheed crew aboard

6BLADE~1.JPG (2336 bytes)   The strange six bladed prop of the "J" model

C130-1~2.JPG (1825 bytes) A short field landing in a cloud of dust at Scoonover Landing Zone

C130-9~1.JPG (1857 bytes)  A humvee comes off during one of our many exercises



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