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ALCF Job Descriptions

ALCF Commander

In Garrison: Directs and controls all ALCF resources and functions. Schedules/conducts AMC Affiliation/staff orientation briefings. Exercises command authority. Responsible for the general health, morale, welfare, and discipline of assigned personnel.
Deployed: Responsible for the control of all resources and provides for the safety, morale, discipline, and welfare of all personnel attached to the TALCE. Responsible to the appropriate controlling agency for the control of all airlift missions originating at or transiting the deployed location. Advises the controlling agency promptly of problems that cannot be resolved locally.

Operations Officers

In Garrison: Responsible for managing, monitoring, coordinating, and controlling the day-to-day operations of the squadron to include pre-mission planning, ALCF personnel and augmentee training, equipment and personnel paring and tailoring, supply, and mobility requirements. Plans all phases of projected deployments to include coordinating development of personnel and equipment packages based on user requirements and projected aircraft flow. Coordinates all support requirements with the user and /or host base, to include billeting, transportation, communications, parking plans, marshaling areas, etc. Maintains currency in assigned aircraft, serves as project officer on and special programs, and can deploy as a TALCE commander.
Deployed: Responsible to the commander for supervising the ALCF operations section. Coordinates all phases of airlift activity to ensure the effective utilization of aircraft. Supervises ramp coordinators. Briefs aircrews on mission particulars. monitors aircrew staging operations and arranges for waivers and replacement crewmembers when necessary. Establishes procedure to ensure timely and accurate information concerning aircraft activity is provided to the appropriate functional element. Ensures that upline/downline reporting is accomplished IAW directives. Records significant events on a daily log, giving special consideration to emergency situations or unusual situations. Establishes priorities for servicing and loading aircraft. Determines the cause of any delay and notifies the aircrews and the agency charged of delay time.


In Garrison: Attends joint military planning conferences and reviews/validates load plans in support of exercise, contingency, and way plans. Trains personnel of affiliated units. Assists affiliated units in updating load plans and maintains computerized files of affiliated units equipment and airlift requirements. Is familiar with the terminology, equipment, and publications of the affiliated unit. Establishes aerial port manning and equipment requirements for contingency moves when aerial port assistance is not available. Prepares reports and maintains records for operations and exercises. Establishes close rapport with transported personnel at all levels. Maintains proficiency in load planning AMC and CRAF primary airlift aircraft. Has a working knowledge of all cargo aircraft. Maintains proficiency in forklift operations and familiarization with all aerial port associated Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Maintains qualification as an instructor and is familiar with all affiliation training aids. Maintains proficiency in operating the Computer Aided Load Manifesting (CALM) load planning system. Maintain currency on the AMC aircraft in which qualified.
Deployed: Ramp Coordinator: Monitors all ground operations and coordinates with controllers to assure safe, expeditious ground movement of all aircraft under ALCF control. Periodically checks the condition of taxiways and ramps. Provides assistance to aircrew, maintenance, and aerial port personnel. Maintains a thorough knowledge of scheduled activities and missions in progress. Meets each aircraft to advise aircrews of pertinent mission information and monitors the progress of servicing and loading operations. Maintains radio contact with the operation section and reports any problems to the duty controller. Receives weight and balance forms from aircrews of departing aircraft. Maintains block in and out times and reports them to the operations secretion.

Airfield Managers

In Garrison: Maintains flight planning publications, operations publications, and ALCF deployment publications kits. Conducts OJT for operations cadre and augmentees. Coordinates communications requirements for ALCF deployments with communications section. Maintains proficiency in aircraft movement reporting . Maintains airfield information folders and participates in site/airfield surveys. Conducts predeparture and arrival briefings. Operates digital data terminal communications equipment. Prepares and maintains reports and records of deployed operations.
Deployed: Monitors the arrival, parking, refueling, loading operations, and departure of all aircraft under the operational control of the ALCF. Maintains air-to-ground and point-to-point radio contact with the aircraft commander. receives required radio calls and transmits parking operations. Coordinates changes to flight itineraries with appropriate Air Traffic Control (ATC) agencies. Relays departure, arrival, delay, aircraft status, airfield facility, and other pertinent information to upline controlling agencies. Receives daily rag order. Posts visual display board/status boards, fills out the movement flowchart, keeps an events log, and coordinates airlift information with all agencies concerned. Receives and controls message traffic. Receipts for and stores aircrew weapons and classified materials.

Communication Specialists

In Garrison: Responsible for maintaining communications equipment in a deployable condition. Implements communication taskings and develops communications plans for identified operating locations. Maintains currency in general knowledge are of maintenance practices and procedures. Ensures all equipment is operated IAW applicable technical data. Ensures all cryptographic equipment and key material have been identified and are available. Develops communications deployment checklists.

Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE)

In Garrison: Responsible for maintaining support equipment in a deployable condition. Implements support equipment tasking and develops support equipment plans for identified operating locations. Maintains currency in general knowledge are of maintenance practices and procedures. Develops support equipment deployment checklists.

Information Management

In Garrison: Maintains classified and unclassified files, publications, and stock level of forms. Types reports and other correspondence for the commander. Assures suspense dates for reports and correspondence are met. Processes and monitors administrative and personnel actions when a personnel support team is not present and support is unavailable from a local unit (ref AFI 10-221, Ch 2, AMCR 55-3, Vol 4, Ch 2).