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The 146th AIRLIFT CONTROL FLIGHT  HOME PAGE is the official, "unofficial" web site for our unit and is in no way affiliated with the United States Air Force, Air National Guard, United States Government, or any other organization or corporation (public or private). The information on this site is very specific in nature and was compiled mostly from personal knowledge and unclassified United States Air Force documentation. Information sources are noted where applicable.  Most of the photo images on this site were taken by our personnel or obtained via the internet and are to my knowledge public domain, or credit is given and linked to the creator below when known.  This web site was created for use by our personnel, our affiliates and other interested individuals in the airlift community. All viewers are welcome to sample it's content. I hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

                                                                                      Image and Photo Credits

Page 4,  Calendar:   C-130 fly-through  by Jim Self                                                                        

Page 9,  Directory of Related Links:  F-14B pass-through  by Dorian Dogaru

   The Channel Islands