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KC135_3A.JPG (10469 bytes) KC-135 Stratotanker


The KC-135 Stratotanker is a strategic air refueling tanker built by the Boeing Company, and can also be used as a cargo carrier or troop transport. As a tanker, the boom on the tail section is used to transfer fuel to other airplanes inflight. The cargo compartment and load carrying capability make it possible to transport equipment on cargo missions and conduct dual role operations like the KC-10 (ref AMCP 36-1, p. 161).

Aircraft Characteristics

Aircraft Basic Weight: 123,000 pounds (R Model)
Max Takeoff Weight: 323,000 pounds
Max Fuel: 203,000 pounds, Fuel Burn per Hour: 10,000 pounds
Planned Aircraft Cargo Load (ACL): 20,000 pounds (5,000 mile leg)
Max ACL: 40,000 pounds

Cargo Compartment: Length: 1013", Height: 78", Width: 129"
Usable Height: 50", Usable Width: 129" (cargo door is 10 1/2 feet above the ground)
Max Number of Pallets: 6, Max Pallet Height: 65"
Normal Number of Passengers: 56, Max Passengers: 72

Minimum Runway Length: 7,000', Min Runway Width: 148', Min Taxiway Width: 75'
DBOF-T Cost per Hour to Charter: $3,448, Cost per Ton per Hour: $345

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