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The C-130 Hercules is a tactical airlift aircraft designed and built by the Lockheed Corporation. Its primary mission is to provide theater airdrop and airland support to forward operating locations. Typical C-130 use would involve moving cargo from main theater staging bases (positioned from the United States by larger airlift planes or ships) to front line areas. This aircraft is not normally used as a strategic airlift airplane (i.e. continent to continent airlift). While limited in cargo carrying capacity, its size allows operation into airfields too short for larger airlift aircraft (ref AMCP 36-1, p. 116).

Aircraft Characteristics

Aircraft Basic Weight: 80,000 pounds
Max Takeoff Weight: 155,000 pounds
Max Fuel: 62,000 pounds, Fuel Burn per Hour: 5,000 pounds
Planned Aircraft Cargo Load (ACL): 25,000 pounds (25,000 mile leg)
Max ACL: 35,000 pounds

Cargo Compartment: Length: 624", Height: 108", Width: 123"
Usable Height: 102", Usable Width: 115"
Max Number of Pallets: 6, Max Pallet Height: 96"
Normal Number of Passengers: 42, Max Passengers: 90

Minimum Runway Length: 3,000', Min Runway Width: 80', Min Taxiway Width: 30'
DBOF-T Cost per Hour to Charter: $3,381, Cost per Ton per Hour: $270

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