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Christmas Party Pictures                                            

JONKEI~1.JPG (2905 bytes)  John and Keith's wife Peggy, watch him carve the roast

LEE_SM~1.JPG (2264 bytes)  Chuck and his wife Maureen enjoy a drink

ESTER_~1.JPG (3221 bytes)  Esther and Doug toast the unit

JOAN_S~1.JPG (1845 bytes) John and Joan dig in while Timmy watches

ROSE_S~1.JPG (2039 bytes)  Rose chows down while Brandon checks out the computer

JONOSC~1.JPG (2945 bytes)  John chats with Oscar from Aerial Port

BOB_SM~1.JPG (2090 bytes) Bob having ribs in the corner

CINDY_~1.JPG (2567 bytes)  Cyndi caught by the camera

BILL_S~1.JPG (2349 bytes)  Bill oversees the others eating

KEITH_~1.JPG (2676 bytes) Keith and Peggy enjoy the festivities

PHIL_S~1.JPG (2125 bytes) Phil just can't get away from those computers

JOAN1_~1.JPG (2770 bytes) Joan with her daughter and  new granddaughter

ROD_SM~1.JPG (2195 bytes)  Rod holds new granddaughter as Tommy looks on

LYNN_S~1.JPG (2213 bytes) Lynn looks on as the party continues

TRINI_~1.JPG (2452 bytes) Trini and his daughter enjoy the fun

RAY_SM~1.JPG (2729 bytes)  Ray takes a break to eat after mixing drinks

BGIFFL~1.JPG (2798 bytes) Gen Iffland and Davey Jones stop by to enjoy the food

ED_SMALL.JPG (2891 bytes)  Ed stops by to show off his tie

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