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The KC-10A Extender is a global strategic aircraft designed for a dual-purpose mission: As an aerial refueler and as a cargo or passenger aircraft. It can deploy an entire fighter unit at once by carrying support cargo inside and refueling the fighters along the way. The KC-10 is a commercially designed aircraft and is comparable to the Douglas DC-10 passenger aircraft. Cargo is carried on the upper deck of the KC-10 and fuel tanks are contained in the lower compartments of the fuselage. Purchase of the KC-10 vastly enhances the deployment capabilities of the United States military forces (ref AMCP 36-1, p. 138).

Aircraft Characteristics

Aircraft Basic Weight: 252,000 pounds
Max Takeoff Weight: 590,000 pounds
Max Fuel: 355,000 pounds, Fuel Burn per Hour: 15,000 pounds
Planned Aircraft Cargo Load (ACL): 80,000 pounds (4,000 mile leg)
Max ACL: 180,000 pounds

Cargo Compartment: Length: 1444", Height: 96", Width: 197"
Usable Height: 96", Usable Width: 197" (cargo door is 17 1/2 feet above the ground)
Max Number of Pallets: 22, Max Pallet Height: 90" and contour restrictions
Normal Number of Passengers: 10, Max Passengers: 69

Minimum Runway Length: 7,000', Min Runway Width: 148', Min Taxiway Width: 75'
DBOF-T Cost per Hour to Charter: $6,921, Cost per Ton per Hour: $173

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